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Featuring mysteries and genres born out of the classic pulp era – interviews and more on mystery/suspense/romantic suspense/thriller/crime on Mon-Thurs and SF & Fantasy Fridays with author and Sisters in Crime member Shannon Muir, whose personal columns appear on weekends.

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THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF will discontinue web serial fiction at this time after the conclusion of the Myanna Moore series. This is in part due to scheduling issues, but mainly that demand seems to be better for going straight to e-book.

THE WILLOWBROOK CASE FILES will appear in e-book form, but not with PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF specific branding due to the history of the connected WILLOWBROOK SAGA property. Several other previously announced titles turned out to better fit the sister INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS brand and have ir will appear there.

There will be more PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF branded e-books in the future. Thanks for all the support.

BEYOND THE SHELF – Introducing The Pulp and Mystery Shelf Online Book Club

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BEYOND THE SHELF -Thanks For Your Support!

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BEYOND THE SHELF – The Pulp and Mystery Shelf Online Book Club

This blog focuses on spotlight, interviews, and guest posts for various mystery, science fiction and fantasy books. However, it hasn’t proven very flexible for readers to suggest and discuss their favorite reads. THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF plans to try something new to address that.

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THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF is nine months old now. There’s been some amazing growing pains involved, but there’s still work to be done to find this blog’s niche.

One thing I started to notice, though I have loved all the support for mysteries and “cozy mysteries” in particular, is that the Pulp portion of the mission statement of this blog seems to be getting overlooked. There will be a change coming in 2017 that will hopefully bring some more balance to the content.

THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF will expand to Fridays starting December 2016. However, for December, the Friday slots will be opened to mystery and suspense books in order to encourage more holiday purchases and give more authors exposure. While Friday will continue to be a regular slot, in the following year the purpose will be more specific.

Starting in January 2017, the Friday slots will turn over to being more themed by featuring classic and contemporary Pulp books as well as titles that can tie their roots to the classic Pulps – SF, fantasy, and thriller. Mondays and Wednesdays will remain more traditional mystery whodunits and crime, particularly Mondays as that has been established with the #mondaysformystery hashtag. Over the next few months, the status of how to best use Wednesdays will be evaluated.

Thank you for your continued support of THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF.

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